In his atelier, precise artwork is being made with a sense of inner magnetism in an exquisite signature style. Reflective finishing of all his works is augmenting there impressiveness.

Noticeably particular are his portraits, where he always tries to depict the character and feeling in the greatest manor.

In his artistry, he uses he uses a deep focus on ancient symbols, nature, and the human soul.

The works will attract you with magically remarkable colours which masterfully underline the emotional value of them. Using the light-filled shades on the border of each colour, being almost close to music scale the artist tries to characterise not just the reality, but also the meaning. The abstract language of his colours is in its effectiveness very specific: it is a language of human emotions, a language that directly connects to individual parts of the human psyche.

The main and fundamental source of inspiration is music and personalities of the music scene, which give him ease and playfulness throughout the process.

His work embodies feelings, character, moments, with elements of the reality that were reflected in them.

The artist likes “old worthless things” which he loves to bring back to life.

His true passion is repairing old cars and mainly motorcycles, mostly machines of the company Harley Davidson and Ford, which he rides himself and uses them as a form of therapy. His collection of cars and motorbikes surpasses 30 with all of the machines being in a functional state.